galaxiafanfan said: Once you get this you have to post five things you like about yourself (publicly) and send it to your ten favorite followers. This is non-negotiable!


I got it twice but fuck it.

1. The color of my eyes.

2. My ability to make weird faces.

3. My passion regarding certain subjects.

4. My sense of humor.


Reblogging for that RDJ gif

Twin Peaks Season 3 Predictions

According to the internet, which never lies, Twin Peaks is entering its third season after a 25 year hiatus.  I have some predictions about what has happened to that sleepy little town in the intervening time.  

  • about half the town is afflicted with lung cancer from all the smoking.
  • The other half is taking turns as a host body for BOB, or a victim of BOB.  there’s not a lot of people left.   
  • the canadian mob has gotten out of the brothel/casino business and invested in some home-care, oncology, and pharmacy businesses, to accommodate the change in their customer base.
  • The mill and hotel closed in the recession.  canadian mob briefly reopened the hotel as their private playground, but it started to get too much like The Shining and they shut it back down.  
  • in keeping with the traditions of season 2, new villains show up every three episodes.  with the dwindling population they have no one to antagonize but each other, and nobody cares. 
  • The Black Lodge physically manifests as a starbucks franchise. all the places in town offering good cheap coffee closed as their customers died off/moved away.  only the villains go there, but they never manage to drink anything because there’s no one behind the counter, ever.  
  • Crossover with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Agent Cooper quotes Dune at least once.

hikikomori 引き籠もり (ひきこもり)

here in america they call us Forever Alone. 


hikikomori 引き籠もり (ひきこもり)

here in america they call us Forever Alone. 

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Okay Tom, that’s quite enough.

if i ever have to dance, this will be my dance.  

it has been  a few months, and i felt like Dacing Tom Hiddleston is worth a repost.

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new one for the collection: ADV Butcher midtech. it can tailstand! and i love the big hollow-ground blade.



John Scalzi gets it.

John Scalzi isn’t just an awesome scifi writer, but an awesome person in general.

Agreed.  To all my fellow penis-bearing tumblr users: if you know someone with a penis who is acting like a dick, please take a moment and tell them to stop being such a dick.  They are making the rest of us look bad, and I for one don’t need any help in that regard.

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The things I do to get songs stuck in people’s heads.

RULES: Answer the following 92 questions and tag other 25 followers of yours!

damn that’s long

1) Last beverage: does rinsing with prescription mouthwash count?
2) Last phone call: work
3) Last text message: sister
4) Last song you listened to: Mahou no shiro, Shinjitsu no shomotsu by Luna Haruna (i listen to anime themesongs when I drive home from work sometimes)
5) Last time you cried: I don’t bother to keep track.

6) Dated someone twice: had an on-and-off relationship with someone when i was younger before i figured out i am an aromantic asexual.
7) Been cheated on: probably. they weren’t a very nice person
8) Kissed someone and regretted it: not that I recall
9) Lost someone special: no. I am not good at getting attached to people.
10) Been depressed: pretty good at this, though.
11) Been drunk and threw up: That should count as two questions, but yes and no, in that order.

LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: Red and Black (team Targaryen!), and hawaiian (for shirts).

15) Made a new friend: working on new office buddies. lots of suspicious new people, and all my old office buddies are gone.
16) Fallen out of love: What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more….

i filled out this survey just to get it stuck in your head.  
17) Laughed until you cried: several times a year, usually due to job stress, as it is frustration-laugh leading to exhausted-depressed-crying.
18) Met someone who changed you: do my parents changing my diapers when i was an infant count? I met them, they changed me in the sense of refreshing my poo-catching apparatus.  they also handled the changing me from screaming poop machine that cannot take care of itself into a functioning adult.  so yeah, parents.
19) Found out who your true friends are: all my true friends are imaginary.
20) Found out someone was talking about you: no.
21) Kissed anyone in your FB friends list: do grandparents count?

22) How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: if work counts as real life, at least half.
23) Do you have any pets: no.
24) Do you want to change your name: which one?
25) What did you do on your last birthday: work.
26) What time did you wake up today: far earlier than I wanted to.
27) What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping
28) Name something you CANNOT wait for: breathing? it is good to do that right away instead of waiting. sneezing usually can’t be delayed either. for tv shows and gadgets and whatever, i can wait. there’s enough other amusements out there.
29) Last time you saw your mother: november 2013.
30) What is one thing you would want to change in your life: should’ve held off on getting into Game of Thrones until all the books were done, as now i am all caught up and craving more. The Gigapause of Thrones is making me wonder if Andrew Hussie and George R. R. Martin are the same person.
31) What are you listening to right now: rain outside.
32) Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: this is just pointless filler, so my answer will match.
33) Who is getting on your nerves right now: working dayshifts.
34) Most visited webpage: tie between Netflix and Gmail.
35) Blood type: i would say blood of the dragon, but honestly dad’s more Northerner/First Men and mom is pure Braavosi.
36) Nickname: that guy in the hawaiian shirt
37) Relationship status: relationship to what?
38) Zodiac sign:  Φ 
39) Pronouns: you apparently have internet access, go google yourself some
40) Elementary: no, I like Sherlock better
41) High school: no thanks, already had plenty
42) College: done with that too. BA in literature, which is a completely BS degree.
43) Hair color: no, I’d rather buy knives than cosmetics, so i don’t buy stuff to modify my hair.
44) Long or short: this survey thing is very long.
45) Height: whatever tumblr sets the character size to?
46) Do you have a crush on someone: not that I know of. if i did I probably wouldn’t notice or assume it was just gas.
47) What do you like about yourself: everything. i am fantabulous.
48) Tattoos: No.
49) Righty or lefty: I am right handed.
50) First surgery: does dental work count? dental work as a preteen if so. if not, recurring appointments to have dead tissue scraped out of an infected spiderbite a couple years back.
51) First piercing: shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. You give love a bad name.   double earworm action!

52) First best friend: people come and go through my life, they fade in and i enjoy them a little and then they are gone so soon.
53) First sport you joined: competitive napping.
54) First vacation: disney when i was 3 maybe? visits to grandma’s house even earlier maybe.
55) First pair of trainers: I have a pokemon-knockoff game on my iphone. I named the character Hot Pie.

56) Eating: no. i had some steamed edamame with sambal oelek and lemon juice earlier.
57) Drinking: I could do with some scotch..
58) I’m about to: crawl back into bed. saw this on tumblr via the ipad and turned the computer on to fill it out.
deleted repeat question
60) Waiting for: new eps of Legend of Korra, Agents of SHIELD, Adventure Time. new season of Hannibal.
61) Want kids: no thanks, fridge is already stocked from groceries last weekend
62) Get married: no.
63) Career: my job is plenty, thanks.

64) Lips or eyes: lips would cook up crispy like bacon, so lips.
65) hugs or kisses: touch me and i use your lips to prove it. I’ll leave you a tongue and teeth to eat them with, of course.
66) Shorter or taller: bigger knives are better. a smaller knife with thinner bladestock would probably be a better choice for the lip-ectomy, but I like big long ones with very thick blades as they are more fun to use.
67) Older or younger: older, for booze and cheese.
68) Romantic or spontaneous: lazy and grumpy.
69) Nice stomach or nice arms: bacon comes from the belly, but any skin is fine for frying til crispy.
70) Sensitive or loud: I do not understand these questions.
71) Hook-up or relationship: hooks? like in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser? We have all eternity to know your flesh….
72) Trouble maker or hesitant: I AM THE DANGER.

73) Kissed a stranger: That’s how the zombie apocalypse starts.  I saw a documentary about it. please go bleach your face for even suggesting that. and wash your hands.
74) Drank hard liquor: I work in an office and deal with very thick headed people on the phone all day, so yes. at least weekly.  i could use a drink after this survey, actually.
75) Lost glasses/contacts:
just deleting this question because it annoys me.
77) Broke someone’s heart?: no, there’s muscle and bone and lung in the way. better to aim higher for the neck or lower for the guts.
78) Had your heart broken: now you’re just trying to piss me off.
79) Been arrested: they haven’t caught me yet.
80) Turned someone down: no, I do not offer turn-down service. I can try to jam some Andes mints in your ear if you like.
81) Cried when someone died: Mr Rogers.

83) Yourself: no. pretty sure I am just making myself up.
84) Miracles: an evil miracle is still technically a miracle.
85) Love at first sight: Love is an extradimensional brain parasite. kill it with fire.
86) Heaven: There is a place called Stilton, and they make the best cheese ever.
87) Santa claus: Yes. he is the modern god of overindulgence, resurrected and forced to sell crap and ritually slain every year at the yuletide.
89) Angels: there’s all kinds of supernatural crap out there. most of it eats people.
90) Someone changing your life in one meet-up: no.
91) Hell: yes
92) God: There’s all kinds of supernatural crap out there. most of it eats people.

make me choose: anon asked: westeros or essos?

I don’t think it is a fair comparison.  Westeros is one country made of nine smaller countries that were all smushed together several hundred years ago because a guy with dragons conquered/coerced them.  Westerosi have the liberty to travel from the Wall to the Arbor and all points in between without causing an international incident because it is all one nation. 

Essos is like ten countries that can take or leave one another.  Braavos is not the Dothraki Sea is not Volantis is not the various Ghiscari nation-states is not Asshai by the Shadow is not whatever’s left of Valyria is not the Summer Isles.  trying to go from one end to the other requires multiple international border crossings and risking your life as folks in some countries will kill you if you arrived by way of some of the other countries, and they have some foreign woman with an army of freed slaves trying to conquer various bits, and people in other bits enslaving any suspicious foreigners they come across.  

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White Heterosexuals in Love

Coming to theatres next spring, a love story that is vaguely forbidden between two kind of sarcastic, innocent cisgender people who grew up in middle class american families.

Based on a book featuring White People Almost Kissing


These movies taught me that non-asexuals have a really hard time finding suitable partners for sex. Really hard, like it takes up 97% of their time/money/energy. This is probably why arranged marriages were popular for so long. If i were to put that much effort into anything, I’d be King of Westeros by now.

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